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Categories: Advent 2012


Impossible! That’s what we say. But God does what he wants. Just as he wanted to be born of Mary without a man’s involvement, so he wants to remake the world so that we all will live in it together without destroying each other. And so that God will live there with us. more »


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An Unexpected Turning

Isaiah sees the kind of king who will invite poor and homeless people to his inaugural ball instead of people who made big donations. Of course, we would never expect that from a king. And we would never expect that from a president. We know better. But Isaiah knew better than all of us. more »


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Goodwill Hunting

And the will of God is not about what feels good to me. It’s not about what looks good to me. It’s not about what I can get my hands on, about what I can afford, about what I can get away with. more »


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Of Jesse’s Lineage

Matthew is starting to tell us about Jesus and how he will be enthroned on a cross, about how all authority will be placed in his hands, about how he will reign as king forever. Jesus is the son of David, the son of Jesse. He is the branch that Isaiah and Jeremiah saw. He is the rightful heir to David’s throne. And his kingdom will be without limit and without end. more »
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