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12:18:00 pm, by Robert Arbogast , 1364 words  
Categories: Lent 2013

Deliver Us from the Evil One

Sermon Preached by the Rev. Robert A. Arbogast Olentangy Church, Columbus, Ohio March 28, 2013 Scripture Readings John 13:1-17 Job 1:6-11 Psalm 34 Philippians 2:5-8 Matthew 4:1-11 Sermon In 1995, a song about God landed on the pop music charts. If G… more »


03:18:00 pm, by Robert Arbogast , 1720 words  
Categories: Lent 2013

Don’t Bring Us Into Testing

When we pray, Father, don’t bring us into testing, we’re not asking to be spared the inconvenience of physical therapy. We’re asking to be spared the sorrows of Job. We’re asking to be spared the horrors of a cross. more »


03:15:00 pm, by Robert Arbogast , 2029 words  
Categories: Lent 2013

Forgive Us as We Forgive

So when Jesus teaches his disciples to pray, Forgive us our debts, they know just what he’s talking about. A debt crisis has corrupted their world. And there is nowhere to turn but to God. God and God alone can undo the corruption. God alone can set them free. more »


12:23:00 pm, by Robert Arbogast , 1684 words  
Categories: Lent 2013

Give Us the Bread We Need Today

Even though we don’t live by bread alone— Hardly! We live by tomato soup, boneless chicken breast, and gouda cheese. We live by Egg McMuffins, broiled sea bass, and baklava. Even though we don’t live by bread alone, too many people in this world do. They live by a scant daily ration of wheat flour or rice or corn meal. They live by food stamps. They live by the kindness of strangers. And we can’t pray for daily bread, we can’t expect God to feed us, if we don’t care about hungry neighbors. more »


01:00:00 pm, by Robert Arbogast , 1356 words  
Categories: Lent 2013

Here on Earth, just as in Heaven

The prayer is a plea, a plea that the basic realities of life in heaven will become the basic realities of life on earth. That’s what we’re praying for. That God’s name be honored as holy here on earth just as in heaven. That God’s reign arrive here on earth just as in heaven. That God’s will take place here on earth just as in heaven. more »

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