This page provides various documents from both classis and the denomination. Among other things, this page functions as the source for agendas and minutes of classical meetings.

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Documents related to the March 4, 2017, meeting of Classis Lake Erie

     The Agenda Cover Letter

     The Agenda

     2016 Financial Report

     The Credentials


Documents related to the October 8, 2016, meeting of Classis Lake Erie

     The Agenda

     Supplement to the Agenda

     The Minutes

Documents related to the March 5, 2016, meeting of Classis Lake Erie

     The Agenda

     Supplement to The Agenda

     Last-Minute Agenda Items

     The Minutes

Ministry Share Remittance Forms
     Excel version (Excel users: Download the Excel sheet to your computer, and it will calculate all the totals.)
     PDF version

Expense vouchers
     For 2017, Excel version
     For 2017, PDF version

     Click here to download the latest edition of the Classis Lake Erie Handbook.

Specialized Ministries Aid Application Form
     Application form with cover letter in MSWord format

Church Development Fund Application Documents
     Application form with cover letter in PDF format (45kB)

The Classis Lake Erie Strategic Plan, adopted March 2, 2002
     The Strategic Plan (PDF)